Join our team of volunteers

Children with special needs deserve quality care and attention. Volunteers can make a difference by dedicating time and care to children. If you want to help us by joining our team, we welcome you.

Volunteering is the simplest form of giving or giving back. Volunteering can bring you a lot of energy, joy and satisfaction, it can turn your life around. It also brings the challenge of keeping the children interested and motivating them. Volunteering requires a certain amount of patience and perseverance, an open attitude and a bit of imagination. We are here to give you a hand whenever needed through training and counseling.

We are looking for good people, not perfect people

We are looking for people that know that even if you make your own destiny, you might need some help along the way, people that want to join because they can and want to share their experience, their limited time and resources.

You can participate with the EduCare Association in organizing and coordinating events, you can help us facilitate children's access to health and education, mobilize your colleagues, friends and relatives to support our campaigns and programs, help us gather research and development data, contribute creative ideas, spread the word about us.

You can propose your own ideas. We listen to them, we analyze them together and together we choose the direction to go. You can make a difference!

How to enlist

Fill in formularul de inscriere and send it together with your recent CV to contact@asociatiaeducare.ro.

We will review the documents submitted and after internal consultation, we will schedule an appointment to discuss your potential involvement.

Finally, you will sign the volunteering contract to have your contribution formalized.

We welcome you in our team!