Here are some of those who chose to join us

Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială şi Protecția Copilului Sector 6 este instituția publică, aflată în subordinea Consiliului Local Sector 6, înființată la data de 01.03.2005 prin comasarea serviciului public pentru protecția copilului şi a serviciului public de asistență socială ce funcționau la nivelul sectorului 6 al municipiului Bucureşti, conform prevederilor Hotărârii de Guvern nr. 1434/2004.


Simona Stanescu

Simona believes that perseverance, passion and originality can make dreams come true. Her motto is a quote from Havel: "Hesitation will not win you the battle".

She coordinated and managed tender projects for private acquisitions for various types of products and services. She was involved in global sourcing, procurement and purchasing.









Bogdan Uritescu

I'm 51 years old. Times have changed. Values have changed. I had an epiphany: I needed to do something else. I needed to re-invent myself.

I feel that I can help, I've already done it many times intuitively and I felt fulfilled. So I put my professional experience of over thirty years in Cinema, Theater, Events, Series and TV Shows to use as a Trainer - simple, direct and efficient in a unique and spectacular style applied with lots of humor to Personal Development in training, courses, workshops and team-building activities, where students experience reality through situations, feelings, emotions, experiences and action, discovering hidden parts of the fabulous universe of the I.

An inner voice guides me through: Break-up with the Conventional; Change the rules of the Game; Break the Patterns, Write your own Meaning of life; Create your Success; You have the Power.