The EduCare Association was born out of the deep-rooted desire to help children. We believe that the best way to approach this goal is by offering personalized and sustainable support to children, as well as to their families, friends and communities. We address the child psycho-socio-emotional development from an early age (0-2 years) through means of ludo-therapy and psychometric therapy. For parents or carers, we raise awareness and offer targeted information though informative materials and work-shops specially designed and offered to them by specialist psychologists, doctors and kinetic-therapists. Alongside this, we offer informative materials and workshops designed specifically for parents, carers and the communities in which these children develop. These packages are designed and implemented by an experienced group of psychologists, doctors and kinetic-therapists who all follow the latest developments and research in the areas of their expertise.
Noi, cei de la Asociația EduCare, credem cu tărie că, în fiecare persoană, există un suflet. Există bunătate, lumina și dorința de a fi alături de ceilalți. Și că acest suflet este egal și vrednic de iubire nelimitată. Sau, mai precis, de IUBIRE, pentru că aceasta nu are limite. Ea este sau nu este și, în funcție de asta, ne comportăm ca atare.