• Permanent personalized and targeted support for special needs children and their families, regardless of their social and material status, their original background (urban or rural) or any other external factors
  • Activities dedicated to large groups of special needs children to build their social skills and help them integrate and participate
  • Rehabilitation of children with mental problems
  • Full support to access foreign medical diagnostic programs, as is the case of the child diagnosed with Cutix Laxa type III in Romania
  • Dissemination of the fundamental human rights values that stand up for equality, justice and human dignity in respect of children with special needs
  • Sustainable integration of special needs children in the Romanian public education system
  • Uphold and endorse special needs children rights by de-stigmatizing their status and their role at every stage in the education and at every level in society
  • Increasing awareness, disseminating information and changing mindsets regarding roles and the status of special needs children in Romania
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